It's me!

It's me!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

After a few flat days today is a step closer...

I'm on holidays at the moment... it has been excellent, however the constant reminder of work is always in the back of my mind. It is lucky for me that I enjoy my work! I love the challenge, and it has been a great stepping stone for my career. I do believe it is going to be an even bigger challenge of trying to juggle my food & exercise as well as a 10 day at work each day!! Aaaaargh!! Even though my work is my life, i need to start balancing it better.   And look after myself also.

Anyways, I had a bad sleep last night was up until about 4.30am wide awake, I read Michelle Bridges Crunchtime book, went got up and did some stretches, tried some meditation but struggled as it was sooooo hot! We have had 3 days of super hot weather, and the motivation level has dropped so much! I can't wait to get back to work to have some routine!

Whilst laying in bed, I thought I'd buy Michelle's triple pack DVD, go into work for a few hours, and get start my own herb garden! with my new healthy eating thought i'd be nice to have nice fresh herbs on hand every day!  So my first coffee for the day, i went to take a sip... psssssssssssstsss.... all down the front of me, the lady didn't put the lid on properly! Oh dear! Lucky I didn't get scolded!  And lucky i was wearing black! 

Anyways, i got some funky hanging (as anything lower will get destroyed by my dogs) ceramic pots for the herbs and bought - spinach, basil & parsley. That will be a good start?!!? Popped in the new potting mix and smash! I broke one of the pots! so sad! considering they were over $10 each! So before admitting defeat, I got some tape and taped it back together?!? Hopefully the herbs will grow so quickly no one will notice!

So hopefully it is a big success and when the challenge starts in a few weeks i will have my own beautiful herbs!

Anyways, I'm hoping for a better sleep tonight and get lots more done tomorrow! only a few more days holiday!

<3 Tam x

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hey all!

Welcome to my page!
It was once suggested that I did a blog.. and to be honest, many years ago I wanted to write a book on my journey of life, and even started it!  So here I am! Opening my life to you... and sharing my experiences with the world! Something about creative writing, and sharing experiences / advice / thoughts is right up my alley! My grammer may need a bit of work, as i guess most the time I'll post late at night! So here we go...

I wont go into depth about my past, as I now live for now and the future, and I'm the only one in charge of my future, my destiny.. as are you.....

My journey starts now...... 
I'm need to believing in myself, and know I can do it, and change the journey for the best..

In July I'm off to Hawaii with my best friend, so my first goal is to loss 15 kilo's before my trip! I can not be on the beach like this!! But I WILL be hot!

So let it begin......

I have enrolled in the Michelle Bridge's12 week body transformation - "12WBT"
The preseason starts on 16 January and I can't wait! Serious time for Tamara! Michelle will be my inspiration, my guide for the challenge. 

I also enrolled to got back to The Original Bootamp, I'm back at the Golden Grove session.  Monday & Wednesday nights 6.30 - 7.15pm.   Starting 9th January!

& I'm also participating in the Resolution Run, 7.5km run around the river torrens. Can't wait! I just hope that it's not too hot.  As it has been over 40degrees the last two days... very hard to motivate myself out of the house even!!

This will be a very big & exciting challenge for me! I can't wait to begin!

Tomorrow I'm off to get my Michelle Bridges DVD's.  i will not fail!!

Stay tuned folks!